What are the Advantages of Living in a Community?


What are the Advantages of Living in a Community?

As we age, independence becomes an essential trait that many of us might feel like we are scrambling to hold onto. While a retirement community might seem like the inverse of autonomy, it can actually help improve your sense of self in many ways. Being part of a bigger picture can also help combat isolation, a very real problem that many seniors face. Embracing a more involved lifestyle reduces day-to-day barriers, even some that you are unaware of, and can improve your physical and mental well-being. Let’s explore the benefits of community living and how they might be able to help you.

Creating Important Connections

Connections help to impact your life in a positive way. Sharing stories, bonding over similar experiences, and discussing related interests are all possible with community living. These links provide vital conversations and deep relationships that can help make life feel more fulfilling. As other’s anecdotes will have an impact on you, so too will yours on them. As a result, you’ll feel more grounded in your surroundings and have the ability to do things you might not have done before.

Opportunities for a Diverse Lifestyle

If you are set into a daily routine, you might miss out on chances to try new things or embrace experiences that could enhance your life. Living in a community creates opportunities all around you, giving you the chance to test out a new hobby, take a fitness class, or visit a local attraction. This gives you the confidence to break free from your routine, creating memories that your loved ones will be eager to hear about. Perhaps you’ll try a new cuisine, learn about birding, or improve your sewing skills thanks to friends showing you how it’s done.

Experiencing and Understanding the Need for Support

Aging individuals experience different levels of needs when it comes to support. Going through difficult or upsetting emotions can be tough to deal with on your own. In a retirement community, your needs are not just cared for regarding physical limitations but also emotional struggles. Having someone to talk to can alleviate some of your stress and ensure empathy that can guide you through these times. Additionally, those living with disabilities may avoid asking for help where they really need it. Within a community, they can thrive with the knowledge that they are capable of independent tasks and that assistance is always available as needed.

Taking Care of Your Health

When we talk about health, we refer to both mental and physical aspects. Wellness and exercise activities promote healthy lifestyles for retirement community residents. In addition, meals are prepared with quality and taste in mind, creating a nutritional routine that doesn’t require you to turn on the stove. Taking up new hobbies and stretching your brain muscles is essential too, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so in this setting. While you may not notice slight changes in your behaviours, the way you do things, or movement capabilities, community members and aides will. This can ensure you receive the care you need before challenges become increasingly difficult. 

At Alavida, we have three different residence locations throughout Ottawa, with eight unique buildings, including two at our new Astoria location that include luxury apartments and seniors’ suites. Each of our locations supports seniors’ independence and helps them to connect within a community. We believe in building vital relationships that ensure our residents feel comfortable embracing new opportunities and ways to communicate with staff and others. If you are still wondering what are the advantages of living in a community, we encourage you to reach out to us.