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An incredible, luxurious lifestyle in a friendly community
Ravines offers you tranquility in one of Ottawa’s most scenic neighborhoods, Prince of Wales. You are just moments away from Ottawa’s best shopping, dining, entertainment and walking paths along the Rideau Canal. Perhaps you enjoy watching the boats at Hog’s Back, or having a bite to eat at Dow’s Lake along the water, or taking a quick trip to the vibrant village of Manotick… whatever you enjoy, Ravines has it all. And if you appreciate spacious, contemporary, high-quality living with top-notch amenities and the ultimate fine-dining experience, then you will surely enjoy the Alavida Lifestyle that Ravines has to offer!

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626 & 636 Prado Private
Ottawa, ON  K2E 0B3
Tel. 613.288.7900

Melissa Spidell, Sales & Marketing Manager

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Retirement Residence – Floor Plans

Unit SA335 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit SB340 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit SC350 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit SD375 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit SE390 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit SF400 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit SG410 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1A615 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1B625 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1C626 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1D630 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1E650 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1F665 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1G670 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1H690 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1J745 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1K745 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1L750 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1M750 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1N755 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1O800 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1P810 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 1R832 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 2A815 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit 2B845 sq.ft.View floor plan

Senior Suites – Floor Plans

Unit D3334 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit A1A613 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit A1B520 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit A1C505 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit A1D680 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit A1E620 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit A2610 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit C1622 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit C2607 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit C3570 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit C4612 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit C4 Reverse612 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit D2598 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit D2 Modification598 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit F1790 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit A3924 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit A4970 sq.ft.View floor plan
Unit B854 sq.ft.View floor plan

Meet the Team

Haisam (Sam) Sourchi

Haisam (Sam) Sourchi

General Manager

Sam has been with Alavida for the past 9 years as both Hospitality Manager and now in his current role as General Manager at The Ravines. In his role as General Manager Sam brings with him 19 years of experience in Ottawa’s busiest restaurants and hotels and during that time Sam has developed a great passion for the food and service industry. Sam has a superior understanding of the business and at the same time he fosters an environment of positive collaboration with his management team and his employees. As a General Manager Sam graces residents daily with his inviting personality and exceptional interpersonal skills and his passion for making a difference in the life of each and every resident is transparent. Sam has an open door policy and his honest, open communication is truly authentic.

Karen Timmons

Melissa Spidell

Sales & Marketing Manager

Melissa has more than 10 years of Community Relations experience. With her nurturing, kind and bubbly personality, her goal is to help seniors and their families find exactly what they are looking for in retirement living. She ensures that the best care is provided and that we exceed all expectations. She has an open-door policy and always has time to meet with the residents for a cup of tea. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering and traveling.

Tara Reid

Diana Anaya

Director of Care

Diana came to Canada nine years ago from Cuba. Upon her arrival, she started working as a PSW and an Unregulated Care Provider. She studied at Algonquin College and earned her RPN certification, then worked in a retirement home as a Director of Care for five years. In her free time she likes doing yoga, gardening and spending time with her family and friends. You can also find Diana teaching at Algonquin College as a part time lab instructor.

Sandra Nadon

Michael Trottier

Hospitality Manager

Michael is a 2007 graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute, and has over 15 years’ experience working in high pressure culinary environments. His specialties include International and French cuisine, and he enjoys dabbling in molecular cooking.

Having worked for various establishments in the national capital region, Michael has had the opportunity to cook for a few celebrities and high profile politicians, as well as for a 2-Diamond restaurant. He has also worked as a consultant in various restaurants across the city.

When Michael is not busy in the kitchen, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and playing the drums. He is also an avid boater and enjoys swimming and wakeboarding.

Sandra Nadon

Michael Pitruniak

Concierge Manager

Michael studied carpentry and masonry at Algonquin College in Perth, majoring in the restorative aspects of heritage buildings. From there, he worked with industry leaders in the trades to further his experience. In his spare time, he can be found with his wife of 8 years, and their 4 year old daughter. Michael likes fishing, swimming, and hiking the path less traveled.

Dr. Dy

Dr. Dy

Doctor (In-House)

Dr. Dy is described as a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner who puts his patients and their families first. He takes the time to explain medical matters in a manner that is understandable and helpful; his patients are extremely fortunate to be in his care.

Michele Brydges

Michele Brydges

Office Manager

Michele has always had a passion for seniors. Her very first job was working as a nurse’s aide while attending school. Michele has an education in Social Work as well as years of administrative experience. Michele says, “It’s not a job but an opportunity that I’ve been blessed with to provide a service to the seniors and their families at the Ravines.”

Michele Brydges

Alena Bharath

Recreation Manager

Alena is excited to be joining the management team at The Ravines. Earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science as well as her Bachelor’s Degree with a double minor in Gerontology and Women’s Studies from Ottawa University, Alena is motivated to always demonstrate her educational knowledge in her career. She has worked in a variety of retirement homes and memory care floors over the past four years as a recreation aide, which has led her to seek a management position. Working at The Ravines as the Team Lead Recreation Aide for a year, she has gained valuable knowledge and experience to take on this new role. In her spare time she enjoys staying active, knitting, and spending time with her family and friends. Alena feels very fortunate to be able to bring happiness and joy to The Ravine’s residents.