New Year, New Mantras - Alavida Lifestyles


senior gentleman at computer

With a new year, comes new adventures. As we continue to navigate the changing circumstances that the pandemic presents us, it is important to remain hopeful and look towards a healthier and safer future.

Seniors can still look forwards to more positive moments, and cherished memories with their community and loved ones, even in the wake of a pandemic. Warm and vibrant seniors’ communities do not have to lose their spirit.

To keep motivated, seniors can make goals for the new year. Goal setting is a great way to improve mental health and overall happiness. As the winter chill sets in, it is essential that seniors continue to do the things they love to prevent seasonal affective disorder.

Here are some new year’s resolutions from our residents to inspire your 2022 plans!

To keep in touch with my family and keep healthy! – Michele, Park Place 

To keep fit! – Alice, Park Place

That my wife has a good year! – Eric, Park Place 

To exercise every day! – Margaret, Promenade 

To be nice to all people! – Reg, Promenade 

Live life to the fullest! – Doug, Promenade

To enjoy other people! – Rina, Ravines

To stay healthy! – Carmel, Ravines

To keep on truckin’! – Jenny, Ravines

Although the pandemic continues to present daily challenges, each of the resolutions listed above are achievable. Small changes to one’s routine can make a large difference to their overall wellbeing. Sending a loved one flowers or going for a walk are manageable acts of self-love. Finding joy in the little things, although cliché, is how seniors can continue to keep on trucking.