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We asked a few of our internal experts to predict what they felt would be key Senior Living trends this year to live longer and happier lives! Here are their answers.

1-TOM SEDLAR is a Food Services Manager at Promenade, and a veteran in the Ottawa restaurant scene: he has been providing his expertise, leading the cuisine at Alavida Lifestyles for the past year.

“Seniors are living longer, and a lot of this has to do with a change in diet and lifestyle. We promote wellness with healthy menu choices, including gluten-free, low-sugar, and heart-healthy options. I predict that the “no added sugar” will be a big hit next year, and preparing our team to develop healthy dessert options using natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. For example, we could offer a matcha chia pudding alongside a traditional chocolate cake. Matcha is rich in antioxidants and known to prevent heart diseases and help keep your brain healthy. Non-alcoholic drinks are also increasingly in demand, and the team is ready to concoct Pineapple Mocktails and serve virgin Gin and Tonics at key events. Alongside a healthy menu, we provide dietary assessments every six months on admission. Every Food Service Manager runs a food forum regularly and speaks about the menu, and residents can recommend or request dietary options to suit their daily needs.”


2- MAGGIE BECKETT, RPN is the Director of Memory Care and Clinical Services for all three locations: Park Place, Ravines and Promenade. Celebrating a six-year anniversary in the Spring, she is passionate about delivering customizable quality care services.

“Technology is pivotal to helping deliver the best of care services. For instance, by 2024 all our nursing and PSW (Personal Support Worker) documentation and assessment programming will be 100% digital. We are also looking at different options for a Fall Prevention Program, including bringing AI into our practice as we strive towards continual improvement.”


3- CHAO WU Recreation Manager at Ravines Seniors’ Suites and Retirement Residence has worked with the team for over five years. His zest for keeping residents happy and fit has been vital to our success.

“Wellness continues to be a strong trend, and it all boils down to how it is promoted and what activities are present to help residents feel their best. Our Yoga and Tai Chi classes are custom programmed to the abilities of our residents. Chairs are a great prop to help with mobility. Introducing pets and animals is another form of wellness that is becoming increasingly popular with seniors. Staff and residents bring their pets for “social time.” We also have excursions to local Omega Park and have brought a mini zoo to Ravines that included turtles, lizards, and rabbits!


4- SAM SOURCHI, Director of Operations at Alavida Lifestyles, has occupied several roles for over 14 years! He has enjoyed seeing how each residence’s culture continues to build and thrive with each year passing.

“Intergenerational mixing and giving back will be ever so present in 2024. We have a program inviting elementary and high school students to interact with our residents through job placements or musical recitals. The residents in our communities are also highly passionate about giving back; it strengthens their purpose and allows them to form meaningful connections with others. So, here’s to more garage sales to raise funds for organizations such as the Terry Fox Foundations and walks for wellness supporting Alzheimer Society. And here’s to more handcrafted mittens and scarves made by our Crafts and Knitting Clubs and donated to those in need. I can think of many more examples, which our team will passionately share with you during your next visit.”

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