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Meet Roger and Carol, two residents of Promenade retirement community in Orleans  who found friendship and fulfillment in their golden years. As we discovered chatting with them outside Promenade, these vibrant seniors met by chance while exploring our grounds. Roger served in the Royal Canadian Air Force for 25 years, working as groundcrew to refuel aircraft and operate heavy machinery. Carol was stationed in the Air Force, working in administration and handling paperwork. Now inseparable companions, Roger and Carol shared their stories of active living, caring staff, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes Promenade feel like home. Their warm camaraderie and zest for life are a testament to the enriching experience of senior living at Promenade. Read on to discover more about Roger and Carol’s experience.

How was your journey moving into Promenade?

Roger: I was in a condo by myself, and my daughter said it was time to move. I have 2 daughters here in Orleans, so they took us here. We went to see other ones first, but I enjoyed the outdoors and countryside. I’ve been here for 2 years now, since the end of April.

Carol: I’ve been here 6 years. And it was the same thing, my daughter decided that the house I was in was too big for just me, so we sold the house and I moved here.

How did you two meet?

Both: We met here.

Roger: She liked to walk, and I was walking, and so we started walking together. We walk outside here in the winter and we walk in the corridor together in the building.

Carol: The one downstairs.

Roger: In and out from the building by the swimming pool over there.

Could you tell us a little about the nature scene here and how you two like to spend your time outdoors?

Carol: When you go out in the back and walk through that path into the woods, it’s just beautiful. And you even see animals like deer, raccoons, *whispers* skunk haha. The grass here is beautiful and green, the paths are all easy to walk on and well cared for.

Roger: So nice, yeah. We have swings in the corner over there, sometimes we sit there and do our puzzles and word searches. We do that all the time. Sometimes we take a walk down to the end of the street where there’s a crescent. We turn around it and find a park where we like to sit for a while before heading back home. I’m not sure the name of the park but it’s only halfway down the street. They have swings for the kids, they could play in a sand box, and picnic tables where we like to sit sometimes.

Carol: People have gorgeous gardens all over the place. They like it when you come and look at them. Especially this lady right here *points to Promenade residents’ home on ground floor*. We go and admire her garden all the time, and she loves it.

How has walking and being outdoors impacted your well-being?

Roger: Oh, it’s improved my health a lot.

Carol: It’s good exercise. I’m not very good at physical exercise but I love walking and I feel that it helps me a lot.

Roger: We walk together, we’re always together. Except at night. *both laughs*

What are some of your favourite activities offered here?

Roger: We go play tooney bingo once a month, there are word games on a screen…

Carol: There’s always something being presented.

Roger: If it’s nice out, we don’t attend. But when it’s bad weather, we go. These are all the activities here *pulls out activities calendar from bag*. We check this every day.

Carol: We both love bingo.

Roger: You could win a chocolate bar! Sometimes you could win more, there’s a jackpot prize up to $30.

Carol: We won a few bucks yesterday, didn’t we?

Roger: I was gone yesterday; you went with Emily.

Carol: Oh yes, well I won $3!

What are your thoughts on the staff and dining experience?

Roger: They’re great, especially Kristy.

Carol: I find them all very friendly and very efficient. If you have a request, they’ll go and check to see if they can do it. As for dining, there are no complaints.

Roger: We don’t complain.

Carol: If there’s something I can’t eat, I tell them, and they give me something else instead. I never complain because I don’t cook it, I don’t wash the dishes, I don’t serve it, I eat it.

What advice would you give to new residents?

Carol: Associate with people and attend social events, that way you get to meet other people and do different things. You’re not just sitting there with your finger up your nose ha-ha!

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience here?

Carol: It’s just a good clean living space and people are friendly here.

Roger: What’s nice here is that they have a van where they take us to the mall; every Thursday they take people shopping. So, we do that together, and walk around the mall.

Carol: And Mike, the driver, is very friendly and accommodating. Very.

Roger: We go to different malls and stores every week, the Orleans Mall, Giant Tiger…

Carol: Superstore.

Roger: There’s also always friends to be made here, some are not so nice and some are good. Doesn’t matter where you go, you’ll find that.

Carol: Most people like to sit and talk and make company, they don’t like to be alone. So we join ‘em.

Roger: Overall, I’m happy here, how about you Carol?

Carol: Oh, definitely. They treat you so well and are friendly. And if you have a problem, they go right and fix it immediately. Very good service.