Frank's Life at Promenade: Memories, Community, and More - Alavida Lifestyles


Featuring our resident Frank from Promenade by Alavida Lifestyles; Illustration by Krisanne Gonsalves.

Meet Frank, a long-time Orléans resident who found a new home at Promenade. Join us as we explore Frank’s journey, discovering how this vibrant community has become a hub of activities, connections, and cherished moments for him and his wife.

Could you share your experience moving to Promenade?

I have been living here for around ten months now with my wife. I chose this place because I’ve been in Orléans since 1977 and wanted to stay in the area. As a member of the Legion, I visited veterans at all the retirement homes in the area. Promenade was the best one out of them all!

My wife had started to develop dementia when we were living at home, and she used to spend most of her mornings just sitting in the living room. Then, she’d have lunch, take an afternoon nap, and not do much during the day. But since we moved here, we’ve got things to do and friends to be with. It’s a lot more lively and keeps us engaged, especially with the activities. 

How have you been enjoying your time living at Promenade? 

We really enjoy it. The people who work here are lovely, and the servers in the dining room are fantastic. There’s also a dance coordinator who my wife absolutely loves. She helps my wife stay active and moving, which is excellent.

Are there any activities you enjoy participating in?

I play bridge quite a bit and like doing puzzles with the other residents here. There’s a whole bunch of things to do. So many that I have yet to try them all.

What do you like most about living at Promenade?

It’s just an all-around great place. The folks who live here and the staff who work here are all wonderful. Living here is really enjoyable.

Do you have a favourite memory from your time here?

Well, during the winter, a few people had trouble getting their cars to start because of the cold. So, I went ahead and bought a booster to help them out. The staff and I were able to help people when they needed to get their car started. It’s really like one big family here.

What makes Promenade stand out to you?

It’s the friendships that we made with the people who work here and the other residents who live here. When we all come together and help each other, it just makes this place even better.