Finding Home at the Ravines: Margaret  - Alavida Lifestyles


Featuring our resident Margaret from Ravines by Alavida Lifestyles; Illustration by Krisanne Gonsalves

Margaret’s journey moving to Ravines by Alavida Lifestyles is a testament to the vibrant and fulfilling life that can be found in our community’s welcoming embrace. Margaret’s experiences are surrounded by friendships and community at a place she and her husband can now proudly call home – read on to get a first-hand insight into life at our senior living home in Ottawa!

Can you share your experience about moving to the Ravines?

My husband and I have been residents of the Ravines for about 2 and a half years now. We made the decision to move here because my husband’s mobility was declining, making it increasingly challenging for him to get around. Our previous condo also required a lot of updates. So, we felt it was the right time to sell the condo and move into a senior living community.

One of the key factors that influenced our decision was the fact that we already knew quite a few people living here. So we felt right at home! We didn’t face any problems fitting in or even making new friends here. 

In fact, a new resident joined us a few weeks ago and started talking about her life, where she used to live, and her school days. To our surprise, she looked familiar, and we realized that we had known her all the way back from our public school days in the 1950s! Reuniting with an old friend was truly a wonderful and unexpected surprise.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to move into a senior home – I would love to recommend it to more people, but everyone I know is already living here! It’s a great place to be. 

What are your thoughts on the staff here?

I have had nothing but positive experiences with the staff. They genuinely care for us. Over time, they get to know your preferences and interests. For instance, they know exactly how and when I like my tea. I find them to be incredibly hardworking and dedicated, which is something I greatly appreciate.

How have you been enjoying your time living at the Ravines?

Living here is a delightful experience. I’ve actively joined the bridge club and the craft club, and I even help in the library. With so many activities to choose from and things to do, time goes by quickly. I also practice Tai Chi in the mornings. 

My typical day begins with breakfast in our suite, followed by a walk along the scenic walking path. Participating in activities such as art and exercise means there’s always something to keep me busy when I feel like participating in them, or if there’s a day when I’d like to be alone, I have the option of just sitting in my room and sewing! 

I try to get some fresh air by taking a daily walk outside, and it’s a great way to meet fellow residents. They are incredibly friendly and always open to having a chat, which adds to the sense of community. I particularly enjoy spending time outdoors and biking along the bike path while taking in the lovely green spaces around here.

What do you like most about living at the Ravines?

One of the highlights for me is our dinner celebrations. Whether it’s for an anniversary or someone’s birthday, these dinners are always special. It’s truly heartwarming to feel appreciated and celebrated alongside other residents for these occasions, especially those who may not have close family to celebrate with.

If you could describe Ravines by Alavida Lifestyles in one word, what would it be?

If I had to choose just one word, I’d say “friendly.” The sense of community and the wonderful people here make it a genuine place to live.