Activities You Can Do to Boost Your Confidence - Alavida Lifestyles


As we age, maintaining a strong sense of self-confidence becomes increasingly essential for our overall well-being. With the right activities and support, it is possible to foster a sense of empowerment and independence among seniors. In this article, we will explore key activities at Alavida Lifestyles that can significantly boost self-confidence for residents at our senior living homes in Ottawa.

Physical Activities

Physical exercise is not only beneficial for the body but also for the mind. Participating in tailored physical activities can help improve your strength, balance, and flexibility, which can positively impact your self-confidence. Gentle exercises like chair yoga, stretching or walking groups can be both enjoyable and accessible for seniors. Regular physical activity releases endorphins, promoting a feeling of accomplishment and enhancing overall well-being and senior health! 

Creative Arts

Creative expression fosters a sense of achievement and purpose. Engaging in creative arts can be a powerful tool for you to express yourself and rediscover your talents. Our homes organize art classes, writing workshops, or music sessions, allowing residents to explore their creativity and build confidence in their abilities. 


Gardening is a therapeutic activity that not only connects you with nature but also allows you to witness the fruits of your labor. Tending to plants, nurturing them, and seeing them thrive can instill a sense of responsibility and achievement. Additionally, community gardening creates opportunities for social interactions among our residents.

Cooking and Baking Clubs:

Cooking and baking clubs offer a wonderful opportunity to bond over a shared passion for culinary arts. As you exchange recipes, cooking tips, and techniques, a warm and friendly atmosphere is cultivated. Collaborative cooking sessions further strengthen the sense of community as you work together to create delicious meals and treats, while receiving recognition and appreciation for your culinary skills.

Volunteer Opportunities

Participating in volunteer opportunities can significantly enhance your self-confidence. Contributing to various tasks or events, such as assisting with recreational activities, organizing small gatherings, or mentoring fellow residents, empowers and reinforces a sense of purpose. At Alavida Lifestyles, we offer the opportunity for both our Assisted Living and Independent Living seniors to be part of various resident-led committees and groups!  At Ravines by Alavida lifestyles, our Craft Club members work tirelessly to create beautiful crafts, such as mittens and scarves for our Christmas bazaar, which are then donated to children in need, along with the profits generated from the bazaar. Moreover, volunteer work helps you maintain a sense of connection with others and a feeling of being part of something meaningful, all of which contribute to a positive self-image.

Participating in activities that align with your interests and abilities can help you rediscover your strengths and talents. At Alavida Lifestyles,  we recognize the value of our senior’s living experience and strive to create environments where confidence flourishes by providing opportunities for seniors to connect with others and contribute to the community to further enhance self-esteem and a sense of purpose at our retirement homes in Ottawa.