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Living at the Promenade has been a great experience with all the friendships I’ve made with residents and staff. I also enjoy the dining room with the white tablecloths – each meal feels like being in a wonderful restaurant!

Verbena (Resident)

They treat you so well and they’re friendly here. And if you have a problem, they go right and fix it immediately. Very good service.

Carol (Resident)

My most cherished moment was the special dinner for my 99th birthday my family and I had in the party room at Promenade – it was organized by the team here. Also, the various music performances and concerts we have, being able to take my little dog for a walk, and of course, the art classes.

Verbena (Resident)

My wife and I brought my mother-in-law to Promenade recently and cannot express enough how happy and pleased we were upon our arrival. We were greeted by the receptionist who was expecting us and immediately got things in order. The accommodations are very nice and comfortable. My mother-in-law was quick to say when we got her into her room how cozy the place was. The people on her floor that was assisting my mother-in-law during her stay were quick to introduce themselves offering her help with anything she needed. My mother-in-law was in another retirement home before that was fine but did not feel cozy or comfortable compared to Promenade. Funny enough the other place was more expensive. So do not use the old saying you get what you pay for. I think what makes Promenade so pleasing is the happy environment they promote and the unbelievably kind and compassionate staff in place. Thank you so much for the work you do for my mother-in-law and to the others in your care. You are doing an amazing job.

Bob (Family Member)

I think the meals have been fantastic. Of course, everyone has different preferences because we come from different backgrounds, but the staff makes an effort to accommodate everyone’s needs. I enjoy the meals a lot, and I enjoy the idea of not having to think about what I have to eat, especially not having to go to the grocery store.

Fern (Resident)

Our parents were at the Promenade Retirement Residence since early 2016. Our experience was really good throughout their whole stay – their suite was comfortable, the team has always been supportive and caring, and the ambiance friendly and sociable. The whole team, including the kitchen and serving, maintenance, housekeeping and concierge, management and reception, and social activities teams were always pleasant with us and willing to lend a hand when needed. As our parents’ needs increased, the transition to the high care floor was managed well under exceptional circumstances. The nursing staff and care teams were wonderful – they were friendly, attentive, respectful, and took very good care of both as they needed more help. As a family, we were able to keep them together and avoid long term care. We are grateful for that and very happy for the decision that we, and our parents, made nearly five years ago.

Gilles (Family Member)

We really enjoy it. The people who work here are lovely, and the servers in the dining room are fantastic. There’s also a dance coordinator who my wife absolutely loves. She helps my wife stay active and moving, which is excellent.

Frank (Resident)

What I love about the staff is that they all try to use your first name, so you feel like they know you, even if they might not. It’s a great feeling for someone new, especially since I’ve only been here 4 or 5 months. Everyone always has a smile on their face, which I love, and these little things like that make me feel really good and not lonesome.

Shirley (Resident)

What’s nice here is that they have a van where they take us to the mall; every Thursday they take people shopping. So we do that together, and walk around the mall.”

Roger (Resident)

We’re both huge Ottawa Senators fans! So, we asked management if we could have a watch party for a Senators game, and they arranged for us to use the theatre downstairs. It was a really fun night and a great change of pace from our usual activities. We got to spend a lot of time with people we didn’t necessarily know or spend a lot of time with during the day.

Fern (Resident)

Promenade is an integral part of the Orleans community, they offer a quality lifestyle for seniors.

Phil (Resident)

The staff is exceptional and always professional. They would sit for a few minutes and chat with the residents, making them feel included and never alone. The food is all home made and excellent. I know I ate here lots! The room was always clean. Any minor “concerns” I had were always addressed immediately and discreetly. Even if they were minor, they were taken seriously. I was there a lot, and I observed how the staff interacted with the memory care patients and it was impressive to watch their patience and devotion to their jobs and patients. The nursing staff, the management staff, the PSWs would all come to check in on him in his final moments like a friend would. I sincerely and wholeheartedly could not have picked a better place for my dad to be. I am truly blessed to have found such and amazing place staffed with the most fantastic people I’ve ever met. I know how well my father was cared for. Thank you all, everyone of you (I could name you all but it would take a while!) For aiding me and my family through this hard time.

Nancy (Resident)

Promenade is situated right across from the Ottawa River, and this makes walking on paths around the building very enjoyable, with nature all around.


Verbena (Resident)