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Is Independent Living the right choice for your retirement?

Independent living means a lot of different things to different retired seniors, but what we do know is that it offers a form of freedom and flexibility to our residents. But the list of reasons does not end there. Independent living offers enriched activities, support (if and when needed), wellness opportunities, a community feel and a common space to make every day eventful!

The benefits of independent living are not just in the amenities but also the peace of mind, convenience, and health benefits it offers. The effects of independent living can contribute to improved health conditions both physical and mental and can also help combat loneliness. This type of living solution takes the weight off residents’ shoulders while allowing them to enjoy life, try new things, build relationships, and stay active.

The design that goes into these homes is also an important factor. Having a modern and bright space ensures a light and airy feel that can directly impact and boost moods and mental health. One of our residents, Barbara, stressed that the sun coming in her apartment and throughout the facility is important to her, “When I go downstairs to the Bistro it’s full of sun and is bright – I love it”. These are some little things that many might not consider but have a lasting impact on our residents.

The main pull to independent living? It’s in the name, the independence it offers – “I can come and go as I please. I don’t need anyone to rely upon for the life I want to lead”. Residents are able to go about their day as usual just with a community backing them. We can’t ignore the confusion for some when it comes to understanding the difference between independent living and a retirement home. We think Barbara, one of our residents, said it best when she stressed the fact that she has her own apartment but doesn’t need the medical care that comes with retirement homes. For her, having her own space means a lot but it’s not the same as just having an apartment in any other building; there are perks to the independent life. She loves the planned activities which allow her to try something new, interact with others and she feels safe in the building which eliminates the burden of stress and worry.

Some people make the change for a lifestyle switch and enjoy all the amenities that living at home does not offer. On the other hand, a lot of residents make the change to independent living when they need extra support that living at home cannot offer at times. Independent living can be a long-term or short-term solution – the flexibility it offers makes for a headache-free process. So why switch? One resident shared that, “The doctor told me to make some life changes” and independent living was a good next step to make important and altering life decisions. Making that switch ensured that when needed, the resident would have the support they need but other times they would be able to live comfortably and on their own terms. Think of it as a security net – when you need it it’s there, but other times you can go about normally without feeling like you’re stuffed in a home you don’t necessarily want to be in.

It’s important to be able to make choices that suit your needs and having a day that is customizable to you. Well, look no further – that’s what independent living offers. You can go about your day and continue doing the things you love like Valentine, “I love to bake and my kitchen in my suite offers that to me”, but you can also go and enjoy the perks of independent living. Independent living can solve a lot of problems without taking away the things you love. It offers security, privacy, full kitchens &/or meal plans, activities, some forms of light support based on individual needs (ex: physio sessions) game nights, and let’s not forget happy hour. Cheers to independent living and all its possibilities.

Alavida Lifestyles offers different levels of care that range from light support based on request, assisted living and memory care.  There are 3 locations for Independent Living being Promenade, Ravines & Park Place. Each location has its unique features. Note that full kitchens are available at Promenade and Ravines’ one and two-bedroom suites only. Call us today at 613-798-2686 to learn more.

This article was written by By Katarina Arizanovic  | April 2021
Katarina is a Social Media & Content Specialist and interviewed several of our residents to better understand what drove them to choose Alavida Lifestyles in their quest to live an independent life.