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Park Place

A welcoming community in Ottawa’s top-rated neighbourhood

If you would love to be part of an inviting, warm, family-friendly neighbourhood, and are also looking for an incredible living space with fine-dining and fun activities, then look no further than Park Place, in the heart of Central Park. Central Park offers beautiful neighbourhood parks, Ottawa’s Experimental Farm – a lush oasis of grain-filled fields, barnyard animals, and spectacular gardens, and is just moments away from numerous shopping centres, restaurants, and Ottawa’s downtown core. At Park Place, we guarantee you’ll live an exceptional, social, invigorating life!

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Park Place
110 & 120 Central Park Drive
Ottawa, ON  K2C 4G3
Tel. 613.727.2773
Paula Patterson, Resident Relations Manager

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Retirement Residence – Floor Plans

Hampton 466 sq.ft. View floor plan
Madison 310 sq.ft. View floor plan
Adirondak 322 sq.ft. View floor plan
Lincoln 375 sq.ft. View floor plan
Massena 465 sq.ft. View floor plan
Hartford 558 sq.ft. View floor plan
Cambridge 604 sq.ft. View floor plan
Seneca 605 sq.ft. View floor plan
Stafford 608 sq.ft. View floor plan
Spencer 668 sq.ft. View floor plan

Senior Suites – Floor Plans

Unit SA 378 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit SB 409 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit SD 415 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1A 625 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1B 665 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1C 675 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1D 675 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1E 670 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1F 742 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1G 654 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1H 747 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1J 832 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1K 737 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1L 632 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1M 670 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1N 765 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1P 745 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1Q 742 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1T 611 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 1U 661 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 2A 962 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 2B 1000 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 2C 1062 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 2D 840 sq.ft. View floor plan
Unit 2E 790 sq.ft. View floor plan

Meet the Team

John Patterson

John Patterson

General Manager

Hailing from New Brunswick, John is friendly, bright and has a great sense of humour. He spent most of his career as a manager in the financial services industry before joining the retirement field in 2008, when he received the opportunity to manage several communities throughout Ontario. Eventually John settled in Ottawa when he discovered the wonderful community of Park Place, where he and his wife Paula – Resident Relations Manager, are a live-in couple. John is very passionate about helping seniors live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Paula Patterson

Paula Patterson

Resident Relations Manager

Paula is the wife of John Patterson – General Manager, and together they are live-in managers at Park Place, Seniors’ Suites. Paula also comes from New Brunswick, and is described as sweet, kind-hearted, and dedicated to the seniors at Park Place. She has lived and worked in several places in Ontario, but settled in Ottawa a few years ago. Paula enjoys nothing more than assisting seniors to find the right lifestyle for them!


Jennifer Dwyer

Business Manager

Jennifer has been a member of the Park Place team since 2006. Starting in the business office as a receptionist and then bringing her strong organizational skills to her position as Resident Relations Coordinator. As Business Manager she looks forward to providing exceptional service to the residents. With a business background and a passion for advocacy, Jennifer realizes that her workplace is primarily the resident’s home and she considers it a privilege to be welcomed there each day. When not at work Jennifer enjoys skiing, camping and spending time with her husband and son.

Sean Skokos

Sean Skokos

Concierge Manager

Sean Skokos is a very important part of the Alavida team at Park Place. As Concierge Manager, he’s there to support our residents and make sure their home is as safe and comfortable as possible. He was born and raised in Ottawa and is happily married with one daughter. He likes to travel, play sports and test his trivia skills from time to time.


Jo-Anne Allen

Director of Care

Jo-Anne was born and raised in Ottawa, growing up in the heart of Little Italy surrounded by her cousins, aunts, and uncles. She studied Criminology and Law at Carleton University, and worked as a Victim Assistance Councillor until she had my first child. She then went into nursing – a tribute to her grandmother who was a nurse for 47 years. Jo-Anne loves her career and her mission is to go above and beyond to make the resident’s quality of life the best it can be. When she is not working, Jo-Anne resides close-by in Central Park with her husband, 2 daughters and 4 fur babies (cats).

Dr. Dy

Dr. Dy

Doctor (In-House)

Dr. Dy is described as a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner who puts his patients and their families first. He takes the time to explain medical matters in a manner that is understandable and helpful; his patients are extremely fortunate to be in his care.

Dr. Saar

Dr. Saar

Doctor (In-House)

Caring, competent, knowledgeable and thorough, Dr. Saar is an excellent addition to the team at Park Place. His patients appreciate his punctuality and efficiency, and it is apparent to them that he truly cares for seniors.


Donna Crossland

Hospitality Manager

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Donna trained in Alberta at some of the largest and best hotels and restaurants in Canada – this is where she developed a great passion and love for the food and service industry. In 1998, Donna started cooking for retirement communities where she loves to share her culinary talents and abilities with residents to create memorable dining experiences. She has travelled across the country learning that food is loved by everyone, and looks forward to bringing fresh, local produce, as well as her passion, to the residents of Park Place.